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Egger / Lechner

Primary CLIL Around Europe

Learning in Two Languages in Primary Education

Von Gerlinde Egger, Christine Lechner

2012, 320 S., Broschiert,
ISBN 978-3-8288-2764-6

Verlag: Tectum

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Throughout Europe there is a growing awareness that language learning is much more effective when linked to meaningful content. Through exploiting the synergies of Content AND Language Integrated Learning, children gain a second or third language and subject knowledge simultaneously with ease. This publication brings together various perspectives from different corners of Europe and from different levels: Classroom practice, teacher education, academic research and European language policy. Through CLIL not only the target language improves substantially, it also has a very positive influence on attitudes and motivation and on the cognitive development of children plus a positive influence on subject matter knowledge and on the development of the pupils’ first language. Furthermore, it is a particular advantage for children from a migration background and it is especially effective in primary school – from day one. For the benefit of every child and to bring the vision of three or more languages (1+<2) within compulsory education to life, it is time to rethink primary teacher education.


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