von der Groeben † | Schwarze | HatjeEuropäisches Unionsrecht

The leading standard reference book
The von der Groeben/Schwarze/Hatje Commentary is the leading standard reference book on European law. It offers scientific accuracy in a clear and readily understandable language and provides practical knowledge and a detailed analysis of the European institutions and their way of looking at things. Thanks to its expertise it has become one of Europe’s most important commentaries whose reasoning influences national and EU jurisdictions and fosters integration.

The seventh edition of the von der Groeben/Schwarze/Hatje Commentary takes account of the significant changes brought by the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. An author team of over a hundred experienced academics and practitioners analyse and comment on TEU, TFEU, CFR and important secondary legal acts, with a large section reserved to a thorough description of the decision-taking practice of EU jurisdictions. The latest judicial decisions of the CJEU are comprehensively covered with particular attention to the CJEU interpretation of the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights. The CJEU opinion on the Union joining the ECHR is already taken into account.

Author team of leading experts
All our authors are well-known academics from Universities or experienced practitioners at courts, administrations, enterprises, associations or the advocacy, among them many members of the European institutions. Apart from the German-speaking members we count among our team many authors from other European countries, which ensures the transnational and European dimension of the Commentary.