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This textbook focuses on eight significant areas in the field of social work:

  • social work with people in financial difficulties,
  • social work with couples, families, children and adolescents,
  • social work as a profession,
  • social work in the field of education,
  • social work with people with disabilities,
  • social work with people who are ill and in need of care,
  • social work with migrants and refugees,
  • social work with criminals and victims of violence.

Each chapter begins with a typical case, followed by a description of the area of social work it exemplifies from a social work perspective. The chapters then proceed to present the legal framework related to each case before offering a solution to them. The authors also incorporate a description of the people and institutions involved in social work as well as the legal system it is subordinate to – civil law and civil procedure law, administrative law and social legislation, and criminal law and criminal procedural law – into this structure.