Mirastschijski | Sachse | Meyer-Wegner | Salzmann | Garten | Landmann | HerzigKriterien guter Lehre aus Studierendenperspektive

What constitutes good teaching for students in higher education? This book contains the extensive results of a large survey conducted at the University of Cologne regarding the aforementioned research question. 1852 students from different semesters, disciplines etc. were asked what they regard as good teaching. Their answers were assessed using content analysis and are reported in this book. Furthermore, various characteristics connected to individuals and courses are related to the results to get first insights into the question of whether good teaching means the same to each student or if various subgroups of students have different opinions. Concrete ideas for teaching in higher education can be derived from these results.

The authors of this book work at the University of Cologne and form an interdisciplinary team that, amongst other things, conducts mixed methods surveys.