Krell | SchlotterWeltbilder und Weltordnung

The fully revised fifth edition of 'Weltbilder und Weltordnung' by Gert Krell and Peter Schlotter is a textbook which examines key theories from the field of international relations: realism, liberalism, institutionalism, Marxism, feminism and, as a special feature, political psychology. This examination is preceded by four chapters on the fundamental prerequisites for understanding international relations, such as globalisation, modernity, capitalism, states or nations, and international law. In the final chapter, Krell and Schlotter call for a theory on international relations which takes the challenge of explaining global processes seriously and, at the same time, incorporates examples from other regions in the world. In addition to referring to academic literature which specifically focuses on interna-tional relations, the authors consult historical and sociological studies to a greater extent and consider economic aspects of international relations in Detail.