NiehausLeben und Werk KANO Jigoros (1860-1938)

“Life and work of KANÔ Jigorô (1860-1938)“ by Andreas Niehaus is the first book to analyse the legacy of the most important Japanese physical educator of the late 18th and early 20th century in the historical context and based on a thorough reading of his abundant writings. While existing research especially focuses on the development of Kanô’s martial art judo, the five chapters of this book analyse the political, social en educational background of his sport philosophy. Kanô’s sport pedagogy is a mirror of, but also an attempt to come to terms with contemporary discussions about the layout of Japanese modernity and the modern Japanese nation within the context of an increasingly globalizing and industrializing world. By analysing Kanô’s extensive writings it will be argued that his ideas of a physical and moral education directed towards the nation evolved towards a universalistic philosophy of sports and ethics.